Tora's Husband

2024 2h 20min

Tora's Husband Movie Free Download And Watch On In [HD] Jaan (Abhijit Das) is desperately trying hard to keep his small business — a modest restaurant and hotel — afloat as his town in Assam emerges from the mandated lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. When he discovers that the chances of recovery are looking bleak, Jaan begins to alienate everyone: his friends and his family, including his wife, Tora (Tarali Kalita Das). Despite being determined to provide for his family and to do right by his employees, Jaan is inclined towards alcohol to deal with the pressure of his responsibilities, which begins to take toll on his personal relationships. Will Tora stand by her neglectful husband?

Director: Rima Das

Genre: Drama, Kids & Family

Cast: Abhijit Das, Tarali Kalita Das, Bhuman Bhargav Das, Purbanchali Das, Simanta Malakar, Nilima Das


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